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Getting Started with Streem

Get API Key ID/Secret

First thing you'll need is your API Key ID and Secret. Today, you'll need to receive those directly from Streem. but we are working on bringing that into the web portal very soon.

All API requests are authenticated using your API Key. Provide the ID and Secret using Basic Authentication, as the username and password.


When an Agent invites a Customer to Streem, they get connected in a Room. Rooms are where all the things associated with a call are stored, including Recordings, Streemshots, GPS location (if approved), and more. You can use the API to retrieve information about each Room, and what Artifacts were created.


Reference ID

An Agent has the option of specifying a Reference ID while inviting a Customer to Streem. This is a free-form text field, but is usually used to specify an identifier that keys to something in your system, such as a Ticket or Call ID (if using Call Center software, for example). If your Agents are using the Reference ID field, then you will likely be interested in querying for Rooms using that Identifier, via GET /v1/rooms?reference_id=abc123

Model / Serial Number Image Processing

The Streem API allows you to upload an image for processing by our system, the same way we process Streemshots that occur during a call. You can either provide a Base 64 encoded image, or specify a URL that we should use to retrieve the image for processing. Streem will then load the image, and send through our processing pipeline to extract things like Model and Serial number.

Check out POST /v1/image/detections for more information.

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Getting Started with Streem

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